Taking into consideration the current situation with COVID-19, we will roll out the first program without a production team and we kindly ask all mentors to record a video themselves with any suitable existing technology that you have.

Please keep the lecture around 60-90 minutes. The video should definitely include an intro to the topic; a story of who you are and what you do; the video’s agenda; lecture or teachings in any way you wish; practical examples; a task for them to do; conclusion and going back to the agenda with a reflection. A more detailed description can be found on this link.

Other than that, we know that you have a track record of engaging and educating people really well, and we definitely want your personal style to shine through.

In case you would like to use slides in your video, you can find it here:


NB: Please make sure to make a copy of the slides before using it.


  1. Topic Introduction (What are we talking about and learning today?)

  2. Your introduction/personal story

  3. Share the agenda


1. Outline for video

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