It's a 12-week program focused on nocode-first adoption, where we'll be exploring everything from blockchain and crypto to DeFi, NFTs, and more. Plus, we're inviting contributors to join our DAO-style investment club with a minimum ticket of 1000 USD.

This knowledge will equip participants to incorporate Web3 products and approaches into their business and help build a decentralized, more open future for digital services.

Duration: 12-week program (Aug 15 to Nov 7)

Format: Online + In-person demo day/networking event in Tallinn

Let’s widen the Web3 universe

There is no better way to learn than to share your knowledge. Helping people adopt Web3, especially those just starting out, puts you in a position to share your hard-earned experience for the benefit of others. In return, you will be prominently featured and provided with 2 passes that you may use for your team or give away to those who would like to attend.

Here are some ways to collaborate:

  1. Panel Discussion: Share your insights and experiences in a lively discussion with other industry experts.
  2. Masterclass / Presentation: Lead a 45-min session on a Web3 topic you're passionate about. Help our participants deepen their understanding.
  3. Office Hours: Host a Q&A session (~1 hour/biweekly) to answer participants' burning questions and guide them through their Web3 journey.
  4. Roundtable Discussion: Join a focused conversation on the challenges and opportunities in the Web3 space. Your expertise can help shape the future of Web3.
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