Although billions of dollars have been poured into Web 3.0 startups, many founders and tech people are new to the concept and find it difficult to get their product off the ground. VCs and leading crypto companies have high interest in early-stage startups that are changing the future of the Web.

Executive Summary

This summer, Founderly launched a 9-week program that provided a deep dive into web 3.0, including blockchain, DAO, DeFi, NFT and tokenomics. The program had over 250 enrollees (including founders, regulators, auditors and non-techies), and more than 30 subject-experts.

The program culminated in an invite-only VIP event in Tallinn, where we brought founders, investors, ecosystem builders and regulators together to discuss the latest trends and concerns of the emerging web3 sector. Here are some pictures from the event, as well as a description of what happened.

After the success of our Third Wave program, we are taking things to the next level by bringing on the Third Wave and LaunchPad together. This approach means that founders and tech talent will be able to learn how to incorporate Web3 innovation into their business and help build a decentralized, more open future for digital services.

The LaunchPad

At the Baltics-focused-3-month launchpad, participants will get advice and takeaways from top experts, meet other entrepreneurs taking similar journeys, share their own experiences, and build confidence to take next steps toward building web3 products.

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